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Windows, Sills, Frames and Doors every visit, we also wipe down the lower sills for that perfect finish.


Choose either our 8 or 16 weekly service.
Following our fixed price guide.



Sign up to our Gocardless payment system, once we've confirmed your quoted price.


After the First Deep Clean, we'll send a curtesy reminder text before 7pm the day before each visit.


Payment will be taken 5 days after with email confirmation along with next clean date.

We use the modern method of window cleaning using carbon fibre poles with a delivery system using purified water.

What are the benefits

  • Risk free, ladders are no longer required dramatically increasing safety

  • Hard to reach windows accessible - no longer an issue allowing us to clean 3-4 stories up and windows like Dormer's and Velux's

  • Great for cleaning uPVC - gone of the days where window cleaners just clean the glass

  • Environmentally friendly - just pure water used on regular cleans

  • Increased reliability - as we can clean in light to medium rain

  • Windows stay clean for longer - no film left by soapy water that allows dirt to stick

  • No standing on roof tiles or ledges - as stated above

How to get the most of your window cleaning service

  • Close or slightly open windows - Open windows can be closed with our poles, but stiff or fully extended windows can't be closed at times, this may require us to miss the window

  • Access to windows - Furniture blocking or items left on the window sills may restrict us cleaning

  • Inspect the windows before the first clean - you will see and appreciate the difference after the first clean 

  • Communication - We're only an email away for either questions of how we carry out our service, or if you're not completely satisfied 

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